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ACBL Unit 430 (Vancouver) MENTOR/MENTEE SERIES 2018

Next game: May 5th, 1:00 pm at the Vancouver Bridge Centre
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ACBL Unit 430 is pleased to provide four Mentor - Mentee games annually for our members.

Because of the tremendous interest in the game, a Mentee must have less than 200 masterpoints. Current ACBL Members and first time Mentees are given priority over non-members if we have a wait list.

In 2018, three more games are planned (May 5th, Sept. 23rd and November 25th). The May 5th game will be held at the Vancouver Bridge Centre.

All Mentor Mentee games have a starting time of 1:00pm (this is new for 2018 - the previous start time was 12 noon).

The games are designed to help newer players improve their game while providing a fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere for local players to meet each other. It is exciting to see new players developing their game and very encouraging that we have experienced players willing to take the time to assist these up-and-coming players. A number of Mentees who have participated in the program are now playing as Mentors assisting other new players.

If you would like to participate, online registration opens approximately 4 weeks before the event, space is somewhat limited and places do fill up quickly. Once you have registered you will receive an email in the week leading up to the event confirming your registration and advising the name of the player you have been partnered with, or that you are on a wait list. You can check, cancel or change your registration by returning to the Mentor Mentee page and viewing the list of Mentees or Mentors. To modify your registration, click on your player name.

Cost: Mentee $10. As a sign of appreciation the Mentors play for free, compliments of ACBL Unit 430.

If you have any questions please contact

Don Guichon by e-mail at or phone 778-839-7782

Lauren Cockroft by e-mail at or phone 604-594-4749

Margartet Pattison by e-mail at or phone 778-873-6420

If you have any problems registering for a game please e-mail Tom.

About the games

If you are an up-and-coming bridge player with less than 200 master points, you won't want to miss these games! We will pair you with an experienced player from the Vancouver area who will share their expertise with you in developing your game. As a Mentee, you will play 22 boards with a Mentor in a regular, club style game. As well as having time during the game to discuss the hands you have just played, Unit 430 will also host a question and answer session where after the game, one of the Mentors will discuss a number of hands and field questions from the audience.

The best way to improve your game is to play with the best partners, in the best games you can find, and here is your chance, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

What we ask from the Mentees is that you come to the game with an open mind, willing to learn. There are many different approaches to this game, what one expert may tell you may not be the same as the next. It is up to you and your partner to decide on the approach that best suits you.

Along with an open mind, we ask Mentees to bring 2 copies of their favourite convention card. Your Mentor will play your card. If you don't have a convention card, don't worry! We will help you to complete one on the day of the event. These ACBL help pages may also assist you in completing a convention card.

Mentors, we are looking for experienced players but the most important trait we are looking for is a pleasant table manner and patience! If you think this description fits and you are interested in helping a Mentee to develop their game (just as others helped you in the past), please register as a Mentor.

Partners: finding a compatible bridge partner is challenging so you can imagine the kind of problems that could occur when we try to match up 120 players of varying abilities and personalities. If you have had an enjoyable time with your partner we encourage you to ask for the same partner again. You can indicate any preference in the comments field on your online registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with the same person again if we won master points in a game? Often a player will ask can I play with the same wonderful Mentor in the next MM game? We definitely want to encourage these partnerships and if your MM partnership is working and both partners are happy to continue, then this is likely the best combination to help you improve and enjoy your game. What we want to avoid is having experienced MM partnerships dominate the games when they would benefit more from playing in open games. Players often know when they have reached this level and stop playing in the MM games or better still, both partners register as Mentors. To assist in determining if your pair is too experienced to play in an MM game, we have developed a points system. 5 points for winning, 3 points for placing in the overalls, 1 point for winning master points. If a pair has accumulated 7 points or more in the past 3 games we will ask that they find a different partner for the next game.

Are the boards predealt? Yes, the boards are predealt so that all players will play the same boards over the course of the day.This is Duplicate Bridge and allows comparison and scoring across all tables and all sections along with one set of hand records and analysis. Predealt duplication of the boards does not mean that we create hands with particularly tricky layouts or that we set up the boards so that the Mentors or Mentees get to play certain hands. The boards are 100% random. If during the game you find that you are declarer for most of the boards, or you get dealt hands with 10 spades from the AKQJ or even a string of seemingly useless hands, that is simply the beauty of the game; we have no influence on the cards you receive.

From time to time there are games that use prearranged deals. These games are usually designed for instructional purposes of certain play tactics or use of conventions. This does not happen in the Mentor/Mentee games in Unit 430.

Don Guichon, Lauren Cockroft and Margartet Pattison
ACBL Unit 430 (Vancouver)