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Future Stars Sectional March 3-4th:

This sectional is for non-life masters with fewer than 500 masterpoints. Come and enjoy playing against your peers (and win lots of silver points!)

Here's the flyer.

Please note that there was a venue change and some older sources listed another location.

But the event will take place at VBC.

The Partnership Desk is now open.

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Bridge Lessons for New and Intermediate Players:

Information about bridge lessons, supervised play, and games that are great for newer players is available on the website. A spring lesson program with Joel Martineau is starting soon. Click here for more information.

(Anyone with information about other programs for new and intermediate players, please let Tom know so the on-line resources can be updated!)


Vancouver Bridge Centre Lease:

Ken Lochang, the owner of the Vancouver Bridge Centre, has advised the Unit Board that the plans for the mall where the club is located do not involve renewing the lease for the Club. The City plans include major renovations for the mall and upon completion the site will be leased to the Provincial Government which will use it to house social service agencies. Unless there are alternatives, this means that the Club will close by October, 2018.

(For more information, see the February 5th article in the Province.

This is sad news -- leaving Vancouver without a central bridge hub would be unacceptable.

UPDATE Feb. 9, 2018:

Negotiations with the City

The news of the possible loss of VBC galvanized our bridge community. The response of bridge players has been wonderful: brainstorming possible alternatives if the current location is lost, expressing tremendous support for Ken, and also political pressure in terms of direct communication with City Staff, to make sure the City is aware of the importance of the VBC to our community.

There have been ongoing negotiations with the City and Ken to discuss options for renewing the lease at the current premises, or leasing other space from the City. All signs are that City staff are fully aware of the importance of maintaining a bridge hub and are negotiating in more than good faith. While remaining in the current location is unrealistic (because of future plans for that location, and also rental costs will rise dramatically), they are trying to help find alternate accommodations and there are promising prospects.

Please hold off on the e-mail campaign for the time being

Up until now, bridge players have been requested to support the VBC and the need for a central site for bridge players in the community by e-mailing the General Manager of Real Estate Facilities endorsing a letter written by Rita Dodge. The tremendous support for this initiative is very much appreciated, but because the City is diligently working with Ken, continued pressure on the City at this point is likely to be counter-productive to finding a favourable resolution. Rita and Ken have requested that everyone hold off on the email campaign for the time being!

If you have questions or suggestions (particularly about alternative locations), please feel free to e-mail Tom and he will forward them to the appropriate person).

Thanks to everyone for all of the tremendous support for VBC.

More Updates will be posted here as we learn more!


2017 Mini-Richmond Winners: Congratulations to the 2017 Mini-Richmond winners!

The Mini-Richmond awards were introduced in 2012. The awards recognize CBF members who won the most masterpoints in the calendar year in each of the masterpoint categories, up to and including Diamond Life Master (5,000-7,500 MP). Each category winner in each of the six CBF zones receives a special pin. In addition, overall national winners receive a certificate recognizing their achievement.

Here are the Canada wide results.

Congratulations to Lou Rene Legge, who came first in the 0-5 Richmond Trophy Race!

Matchpointer: The Winter Matchpointer is now on-line!

(Articles, and suggestions for articles, for the next edition of the Matchpointer are very welcome!

Our Matchpointer Editor, Nick Stock would love to hear from you.)


Monthly Unit Game:

The next MUG (Pairs) is Saturday, March 3rd, at 7 pm at VBC.


Trophy Race Update:

Here is a preliminary list of final standings for most of the Unit 430 trophy races.

The final list will be posted shortly (sorry for the delay!)


Canadian Bridge Championships May 26 to June 3rd: This year the CBF Championships are being held in Montreal.
Please go to the CBF website for details (and to join the Canadian Bridge Federation).

Also, make sure you mark your calendars: the 2019 Championships are in Vancouver (May 4th-May12th, 2019).


2018 Vancouver Regional:

Start planning for the 2018 Vancouver Regional!

It's taking place April 2nd to 8th, at a great location: the Grand Villa Casino and Delta Hotels Marriott Conference Centre.

Here's the flyer.

The Partnership Desk is now open.

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And info about on-site options for dining!


A/X and B/C IMP Leagues:

For the A/X League, contact Eda Kadar

For the B/C League, contact Peter Morse.

Results for the A/X League are available if you click on the IMP League Menu at the top of this page (or click here).

Results for the B/C League are here.

The next two B/C IMP League game takes place February 25th, 2018 (at 12:30 at VBC).


Information and Useful Articles:

ACBL adopted a number of new laws which are summarized here (courtesy of McBruce). Here's the handout for Mike Wilson's presentation on Visualization. (A must read for anyone trying to improve their bridge!)

(More useful articles are on the page for New and Intermediate Players).


Historical Information: Work continues on collecting and preserving the Unit's history. You can access the links under "Trophy Races" at the top of the page, or check here for:

- past trophy winners, and

- a guide to when trophy events are played.


Unit Board Minutes: There are gaps for past years, but Minutes for Unit Board meetings (and the AGM minutes) are on-line (Click on the Unit 430 tab at the bottom of the page and check out the resources there).


For New/Intermediate Players: The page for New and Intermediate Players has links to teachers, lessons and games suitable for newer players. Plus helpful articles!


Start Times for Sectionals: Here are the results of the survey.

Many thanks to all those who took part. We really appreciated your taking the time and letting us have your thoughts and advice!

The information from the survey were considered by the Unit Board at its meeting on October 5th and, because of the overwhelming support for earlier start times, it was decided that for the next year events on Saturdays at Unit 430 tournaments will be held at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. (Friday times will remain at 1:00 and 7:00).

(Another survey will be held next year to see how things worked out.)


Tournament and Game Results:

Mentor Mentee Game Feb. 17th:

Results are here. And click here for Bruce's analysis of the hands!Peace Arch Sectional February 9-11:

Results are here and here. And here is the list ofmasterpoint winners.

Trophy Sectional January 26-28:

Check here and here for results and here for the list of masterpoint winners.

Round-Up Sectional (Nov. 10-12): Here are the results and the list of Masterpoint winners.

Whistler Regional: Here are links to the on-line bulletins and results.

Mentor-Mentee Game Oct. 21: Here are the results, and McBruce's hand analysis.

Olympia Regional Results are here.

Evergreen Sectional (Sept. 1-3): Here are the results.

August 2017 Mentor Mentee Game: Hand analysis (many thanks McBruce!) and results.

Spring Sectional May 19-22:

Check here for

- the results,

- the list of masterpoint winners,and
- the handout for Mike Wilson's presentation on Visualization.

Canadian Bridge Federation Championships 2017: Visit the CBF website for results.

Mentor Mentee Game April 29th, 2017: Here are the results and commentary.

April 1st 0-200 Sectional: Results are here.


Zero Tolerance: The Unit 430 Board is concerned that not all players are aware of their responsibilities (both in terms of ethics in play, and also the importance of respect to partner and other players) and would like all members to read this article by Peter Morse, President of Unit 430, concerning Zero Tolerance.


Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs 2018: Current standings for District 19 and for Unit 430.

Mini-McKenney 2017: Current standings for District 19 and for Unit 430.

(ACBL updates the current information on the 6th of each month -- usually later in the day.)

(Here are the final standings for the Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs for 2017 for District 19 and for Unit 430.

And the final standings for the Mini-McKenney for 2017 for District 19 and for Unit 430).


Club Results:

More club results (and often hand records) can be found at "ACBL Club Game Results"

Planning your future games and tournaments? Here's a listing of events locally and regionally for January through June.

Jan. 2018 Event Calendar

Feb. 2018 Event Calendar

Mar. 2018 Event Calendar

April 2018 Event Calendar

May 2018 Event Calendar
June 2018 Event Calendar